The Vanguard EMC team has developed or consulted on hundreds of programs of all sizes and scope. Our experience and knowledge work for you.


A full assessment of the state of emergency preparedness of your organization should be conducted prior to embarking on a comprehensive business continuity or emergency management program. 

Gap Assessment

Through interviews and a review of your materials, we will explain the holes in your current program and outline a prioritized plan to fix any problems. 

Risk Assessment

Our consultants will plan and conduct a Risk Assessment in conjunction with your team and with a focus on events that could interrupt business operations. 

Business Impact

Following an examination of your business processes, we develop, plan and conduct a BIA that considers the specific requirements of your organization. 


Our team can undertake a Hazard Identification Risk Assessment project that identifies, describes and ranks the hazards and vulnerabilities of a municipality, province or territory. 


A clearly defined arrangement to continue or recover time critical business functions is developed with information and knowledge gained from the assessment.

Business Continuity

We develop highly refined, easy to apply business continuity programs based on industry best practices, CSA Z1600 and the cross-industry knowledge of our professionals.

Emergency Management

Our consultants help your organization create plans to respond to and manage urgent events including measures related to prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. 

Crisis Management

Our team can help you to integrate the incident management or incident command system into your plans.


A plan designed to guide an organization through the difficult period of a severe interruption must be adequately tested and the resources exercised.



We will coach your design team, teach them best practices and provide a set of tried and tested tools.


We can provide experienced facilitators that are able to lead your team through table top exercises of any size, and independent third party evaluation of the exercise objectives.


After the exercise, our team offers a first impressions report, a final report and an executive summary. We provide observations, lessons identified and recommendations.