Welcome to Vanguard EMC Inc.

We are a nationwide professional consulting firm providing services and training to public and private sector organizations for all aspects of emergency management and business continuity management.

Professional Services & Training

Knowledge Transfer - We ensure that knowledge is transferred from the consultant to the client, leaving an enduring benefit to the organization.

Value - Our model provides methodology and residual capability to your internal resources.

Implementation Training - We train your resources to perform the steps of emergency planning, continuity, and recovery. At the end of the project your organization has much more than a plan for disaster - they have the internal resilience to continue with future plan development and maintenance.


One of the best trainings I have ever had. One of the best teachers I have ever had!

Aleksandra Sobanska, Global Affairs Canada

Thank you so much for the well-presented course information. Your delivery and sense of humour was very appreciated.

Ian Hape, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

The perfect mix of instruction and hands on activities. Everything in the course was very beneficial to my job.

Sarah Hobday, Navy Exchange

Despite being virtual, the training format was applied with great success.

Mitchell Beaumaster