An objective assessment of an existing emergency management or business continuity program by an experienced consultant can provide significant insights and potential program savings. In addition, senior management will obtain a clear understanding of the state of emergency preparedness and can make informed decisions regarding future investment.

Program Audit

An Audit is recommended for well developed emergency management and business continuity programs and is suitable for presentation to the Corporate Board of Directors or Audit committee. The Audit is based on industry standards and best practices.

Program Review

A program review is an informal report on the current status of an emergency management or business continuity program based on standards and best practices. The results can be used to create a five year plan focusing on priorities identified in the review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ How long does an Audit take?

A/ This depends on the size of your organization and the type of plans in place.

Q/ What does an Audit involve?

A/ A program audit may involve interviews, document review, and surveys to gather evidence of conformity to the standards.

Q/ What is the difference between a Program Audit, a Program Review and a Plan Gap Assessment?

A/ These differ in terms of the depth of review and the maturity of the program.