Vanguard EMC Inc.

Business Continuity Incident Management System (BCIMS100)

Business Continuity Planning has been widely applied with the public and private sectors, especially in larger organizations. Once plans are developed it is frequently difficult for organization management to adapt to the reality of managing through a disaster being significantly different than what is done every day.

Successful organizations manage complex issues, strategic plans, operational challenges, human resources and difficult financial decisions. Managing business activities requires time to gather the input, perform assessments and analysis, confirm assumptions and reviewing with stakeholders before making decisions. The decision making process is complex in and of itself.

When faced with a disaster or significant emergency, the management team must apply a modified structure to expedite decisions within minutes or hours rather than days, weeks or months.

The ICS for BCP course will present the structure, process and its implementation for rapid decision making and ongoing emergency operations through the response and recovery phases of an emergency. Applying the principles of ICS/IMS to the business continuity plan will help ensure that management will readily adapt to the changing environment presented by the emergency. Vanguard EMC will provide the course materials, diagrams and the experience of our consultants in applying this model.

Tools and Templates:

  • Diagrams for governance structures
  • Diagrams for EOC configurations
  • Exercise planning tools


Anyone who in interested in understanding how BCP can be better managed through the application of the principles of the Incident Command System


1 day


$485 +HST. Includes student reference text, videos, exercises, small group discussions and tests.